To whom it may concern

There’s so much I loathe about the procedure of „finding a job“.

Being judged by a CV that has so little to do with me.

The stuff that’s on there a job positions I had, yeah, schools I attended, but for the most part it does not, in any way, define or explain who I am.

I want to write on my CV how the first time I managed to read a sentence all by myself at the age of two, sparked a passion for words inside of me, that is burning there ever since.
I want to explain to my future boss how the classmates that mocked me and never wanted me in their sports team have made me reluctant towards groups and teamwork, but also made me humble and kind.
I want to write how my hands began to shake at the beginning of every math lesson I had in school and how I always thought there was something wrong with me for not seeing what everyone else could see and that numbers and geometrical shapes are something I’ll never quite comprehend, but that I have a love inside of me that doubles when I share it.
I want the world to know that the gaps on my CV are filled with travels I’ll tell my granddaughter about and encounters at the job center with now-soulmates that changed the way I look at life.
I wish that you could see through all the dropout and the inconsistency and the lack of form.
Invite me to that interview and I’ll let you read in my eyes for a bit, about what really matters to me and how that spark you’ll see in them could never come from something that fits on a PDF file.

I don’t want to apply for a job, I want to run after a calling, I want to smile at colleagues first thing in the morning, with them knowing that I’m not one for small talk, but that I’m there if they need the Big Talk, anytime.

I may have failed the exam, but I gratuated more than once.

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